Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ending the Henne Era in Miami Would Be Unwise

Because it's far too soon.

People need to calm down about Henne. If the Dolphins replace him they'll be making a mistake far too many teams have made over the last 10+ seasons. It takes time for QBs to learn an NFL system and adapt to the pro. game. Also, and I know this is STARTLING for many people, the talent around you matters. Crazy, I know. Henne just started his 23rd NFL game, a loss to the Browns. He's being blamed for the loss. Even though his play was bad today people think he needs to go. Let's check the numbers...

In 23 starts Henne is 473 of 771 (61.3%) for 5,167 yards with 23 TDs and 27 INTs. That's a 76.5 QB rating in his 23 starts, in which his team is 12-11.

Here's another current QBs stats after 23 starts. Mystery QB was 459 of 765 (60.0%) for 4,685 yards with 24 TDs and 27 INTs. That's a 73.4 QB rating in his 23 starts, in which his team was 9-14.

Anyone care to guess who the "mystery QB" is?

To spare everyone some time, and for those that don't care, "mystery QB" is Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. Yep, performed worse than Henne overall. I think Brees is doing just fine, don't you?

So calm the hell down people. It took Brees until his 4th year in the league to start being a Pro Bowl-caliber QB.