Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hornets Advance/500th Post!!

First, I'd like to state with great pride that we have just reached our 500th post! Hard to believe we've been writing for almost a year now. Anyway, you don't care about that so I'll get to the point.

My New Orleans Hornets have advanced from a 7-game playoff series for the first time in franchise history and they did it in dominating fashion by taking the series from the Dallas Mavericks in 5 games. After seeing the Hornets dominate game 1 (particularly Chris Paul), I definitely knew this was our series to lose. People just don't get how dangerous the Hornets are. I think the world now knows what Chris Paul is capable of, Peja is still the beastly 3-pt/FT shooter that he always was, David West is quietly one of the best forwards in the game and Tyson Chandler has really blossomed into a top notch center with the Hornets since his trade from the Bulls. Not only that, but Jannero Pargo has been explosive off the bench for New Orleans as well. As long as the team stays healthy and hits the shots they're supposed to make, they will be a formidable opponent for whoever they may face.

While the whole team has been dominant, this series (as I alluded to before) was really a coming out party for Chris Paul. He had 30+ pts and 10+ assists in his first two games and concluded the series tonight with a triple-double. The kid is sick and can flat out play. Simply put, he has it. He'll slice through defenses and hit those shots that nobody is expected to make. Not only that but he always finds the open man. He has (or almost had) 10 assists by halftime in Game 5. No easy task. He really showed that he's much more of a point guard that Jason Kidd is right now. Sure, Kidd is still a good player, but he's also an ass and can't move like he once did. CP3 will be one helluva player for years to come. He's just one of those guys that you can't find an answer to.

CP3 was even kind enough to give Dirk Nowitzki a lift
en route to his triple-double. My guess is he slam dunked it with Dirk
still on his back. (AP)

While the best part of this story is the Hornets finally proving their legitimacy to the world, one can't help but look at the demise in Dallas. The trade for Jason Kidd is looking to be an extremely foolish move at this point. They traded away Devin Harris, one heck of a young player along with 2 1st round draft picks for a Jason Kidd that looks pretty washed up at this point. He's also looked like a moron, especially with his ejection in Game 4 for slamming Jannero Pargo to the ground. One other problem I had with this series is the amount of respect I lost for Dirk Nowitzki. He's been one of my favorite players for a while but he just rubbed me the wrong way this series. Every time a player all but tapped him, he'd go down flailing his arms and legs like a guy diving in soccer would. Granted, his is from soccer friendly Germany but that's obviously no excuse. Grow up and stop acting like a baby. Yeah, you were probably the best player for your team all series long, but still. Also, what's gonna happen with the Dallas franchise? Mark Cuban has a lot of big decisions to make. It seems like they might have to retool or even fire their head coach, Avery Johnson. Do I think he should be fired? No. Do I think he will be? Maybe. He did the most with what he had but they ran into a very tough New Orleans team.

Mark Cuban fails yet again. Perhaps an epic fail this time? (AP...though I take full credit for that added fail)

With the Spurs up next, there's no time for down time. Hopefully they can pull it off. All I know is that it should probably take a more complete game to defeat the defending champs but I definitely think that they can do it. This is a special Hornets team we have here, and it's finally one actually worth cheering for.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Somebody Wake Me Up

Am I dreaming? Is this for real?

It is for real. Because I watched it happen. Live. But it is still hard to grasp. I even wrote that this could happen. I read numerous articles on ESPN and from Miami newspapers that the Dolphins wanted Henne. I didn't believe it. I convinced myself it was a smokescreen. I guess not.

How sweet is this? I actually know a Miami Dolphin. I KNOW A MIAMI DOLPHIN. No I haven't talked to him in almost 4 years but still. I played football with him. I blocked for him. And now he plays for arguably my favorite team in any sport. I GET TO BUY HIS JERSEY AND IT WILL BE ORANGE AND TEAL.

The best part about this? He could prove to be a Miami savior. The Dolphins have tried to find a QB since Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season. They have tried 12 - yes, 12 - different QBs in the eight seasons since he retired. Henne could be lucky number 13 (same number as Marino and, obviously, he's from PA like Marino). I'm not saying he will become the greatest QB ever. But he has the tools to be good and get the Dolphins back to respectability. It would not surprise me at all if Chad won the job this summer and started the season opener. Wouldn't surprise me one bit. Why? Well he started as a freshman in high school. He started as a freshman in college. He can definitely start as a rookie in the NFL. And he will improve. He will.

Welcome to Miami, Chad. I am glad you are here. Even if it's still hard to believe.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Morelli has a team!

God bless the Arizona Cardinals. I don't know why they would even consider offering a contract to the kid. The sad thing is, he certainly has a decent chance to make it to 2nd or 3rd string QB by the end of the season, assuming he survives training camp. The Cards didn't draft a QB and their current lineup of QBs includes oft-injured Matt Leinart, the ancient Kurt Warner, and career 3rd-stringer Brian St. Pierre. Frankly, Morelli's smartest decision in a long time was to sign on with Arizona. If he ends up miraculously getting any playing time, he'll have Fitzgerald, Boldin and former PSUer Bryant Johnson to throw to and those guys would make me look like a good QB.

In other PSU player news...Austin Scott found himself a team too. He signed on with Cleveland. Even if he didn't get into this whole mess earlier in the year, he probably wouldn't have been drafted but the guy has talent. Who knows what will happen there. Terrell Golden stayed in state and signed on with the Eagles while Matt Hahn went to Oakland. Good for Hahn...he was a solid player before he blew out his knee.

Moving on to the Jets...they signed Danny Woodhead!! I'm not sure if he'll do any good but it's cool nonetheless. One way or another, this kid can definitely play as he holds the all-time and single season NCAA rushing records. Frankly, his size is his only downfall (5'7"). He apparently had a fantastic pro day, running a 4.33 40 and posting exceptional numbers in the other workouts. Never know...I hate to say this but could other teams have passed him up because he's white? It's something to throw out there. Maybe it's just me but I thought teams typically took late round flyers on guys like this...

CORRECTION: Apparently Austin Scott was only invited to camp? I have conflicting reports on this.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well, well, well...

I'd first like to state that the NFL is stupid. Dan Connor still available after 2 rounds? This dude is easily first round talent. Wake up.

That being said, I'd like to state that Justin King is in fact a ginormous idiot. Over 3 months ago, I posted that he was an idiot for declaring. What the hell was Kiper Jr. saying he could go late 1st round? I'm glad he proved me correct. Again, I don't wish him any ill will, I'm just glad he's learning his lesson. Declaring for the draft was the dumbest thing he could have done. Juniors declare for the draft because they really can't improve their draft stock (ie Ray Rice of Rutgers) or if they really need money to support their family (though that seems to be more common in basketball). King had everything to improve and he declared anyway...and now he's paying the price. If he stuck around and refined his skills, he absolutely could have found his way into the 1st round. However, he's an arrogant one and thought that declaring early was a good idea. Well, it's a good idea if you like a few million dollars as opposed to about ten million dollars. King is a frekin idiot and I'm glad that he's paying the price. He never really did much for us at PSU anyway.

On another note, I'm really curious to see if someone takes a late 7th round flyer on Morelli. I'd seriously lol for days if somebody does. What did he get...a 5.1 40 at the combine? Seriously, his only redeeming aspect is he can heave the ball a decent length. His character is crap (I've heard stories that I'm sure scouts didn't hear), his accuracy is crap, and well...he's just crap.

Also, congrats to J Mays for his Dolphins takin' his boy Henne. Unfortunately (according to my friend), Henne didn't look as thrilled but I wish him the best...I typically dislike Wolverines but J Mays' love for him might have rubbed off on me a little bit.

I don't even really know what to make of the Jets' draft so far. I'm incredibly disappointed that McFadden didn't fall to us but realize Gholston could be a really good pick. Then again, Dwayne Robertson was supposed to be a good pick at #4 overall a few years back for us...oops...I understand Dustin Keller is a pretty solid TE...but I'm still bitter we didn't take J.J. Hardy. Frankly, I think it was a poor trade because we could have had Hardy at #37 and kept our other 4th round pick. I wanted this guy. Yes, he torched the overrated Justin King last year but he's 6'5! The Jets need that...bad...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Live Blog

Dolphins take Jake Long. Shocker!

Everyone knew the Rams would take Dorsey or Long. And it's Chris Long.

Falcons look to be taking Matt Ryan. Sucks for Falcons fans. And they have.

And it's McFadden. Not really a surprise. They needed Dorsey but opt for the freakish talent of Darren.

Kansas City takes Dorsey. Good move. Solid value.

No trades yet. Jets take Gholston. No real surprises. Worst pick so far? Matt Ryan.

New England up. Trade??? Yep a trade. The Saints grab Sedrick Ellis, good move. Hopefully the Saints didn't give their 2009 1st to the Patriots.

Baltimore on the clock. Another trade! Jacksonville moves to 8 and Baltimore drops to 26. Could Baltimore be targeting Chad Henne?

Jacksonville takes Harvey. Cincinnati is on the clock and will most likely take Keith Rivers.

Cincinnati does take Rivers. New England is back on the clock. Another trade? A CB?


We're back. But we missed A LOT of picks. Apologies.

Dallas makes a trade with Seattle to get Mike Jenkins. They had to do this or Houston would take him at 26. Good move by the Cowboys.

Houston up. And a another big stretch. Duane Brown? Wow. He is a solid prospect but not at 26.

San Diego up! And they take Antoine Cason. We are seeing a big run on OTs and CBs. If Miami wants Chilo Rachal they may have to reach for him at 32.

Seattle is up at 28. Round one is almost over...

The Seahawks reach for Lawrence Jackson. A lot of reaching going on in round one. Will it pay off?

San Francisco up with its pick it acquired from Indianapolis during last years draft. Quentin Groves? Kentwan Balmer? Devin Thomas?

The 49ers grab great value with Balmer. He can play DE or NT in the San Francisco 3-4. Great value.

Green Bay is up...

Another trade. I think that is the 10th trade in round one. The Jets are on the clock...

The suspense is killing me!

Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue to the J-E-T-S.

Super Bowl Champion Giants are on the clock...

and take Kenny Phillips.

With the first pick of round two the Dolphins take Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson. Value pick.

The Rams select WR DOnnie Avery, WR, Houston. First WR taken.

Redskins up and can now take Devin Thomas at 34. Great value. And they do. Great job Redskins.

The Chiefs take CB Brandon Flowers from Virginia Tech. Have to replace Ty Law. Nice pick.

Green Bay up with the pick they got from the Jets. They take Jordy Nelson.

Atlanta is up...

and takes Curtis Lofton. Nice pick.

I'm ending the live blog now. Enjoy the rest of the draft!!!

Jets on the clock

Ok, so the Jets are on the clock...McFadden is gone. Stupid Raiders. Probably startled the neighbors after I punched my wall when that happened. At least Matt Ryan is gone. Amen. 7 minutes left..

Gholston is still there. Seems like the obvious pick at this point. Though does somebody else want him worse? Would it be worth it to stack up on some picks. I really want James Hardy later and there's a chance he may not be around even in the early second round. Could they take Ryan Clady. Oh man, the house would burn a bad way. 4 minutes left...

Oh man, still on the clock. What's taking so long? Maybe there's a trade offer on the table? I can't think of anything else. Gholston is the obvious choice. He still hasn't picked up the phone. Makes me a bit nervous. Then again, we already have too many Buckeyes on the roster. Oh geez. 2 minutes left...

Stupid Raiders. I really wanted McFadden. Oh well. Gholston still hasn't answered the phone. There has to be a trade in the works. But with who? The Cowboys? I'd love that...grabbing 2 first rounders. If not, ahhh I don't know. DO SOMETHING!!

Ahhhhh here's the pick.....Jet fans are booing? And here's Goodell.......

Vernon Gholston.

Welcome to the Jets family...even though I've hated your guts for the last 4 years.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Draft Day Live Blog

I plan on blogging the draft for much of the first day. I won't be mentioning every pick; only the ones that surprise me or what I think a team should do. It should be a lot of fun! So if you will be around a computer tomorrow afternoon from 3pm until probably 11pm be sure to check in with me and Sports Fountainhead! THE DRAFT IS TOMORROW!!!

Also, make Draft Tek a stop for up to the minute predictions with the one of the kind draft computer model.

See you tomorrow!

NFL Draft Previews

In all of my "spare" time I have been writing team-by-team draft previews for The Football Expert. All 32 teams have been completed and are posted on the main page of their site. I finished Miami and Atlanta months ago (before free agency even) so their needs have changed. Prospect stock has risen and fallen as well. The other 30 teams have been done over the last two weeks so they are more up to date. Wondering what your team needs and who they may be targeting when? Check out the draft previews now!

Below I have some quick links for teams that get the most traffic here:

New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Giants

Shut. Up. Brett.

Right on the heels of my last post comes this. I think it's clear that I am not a huge fan of Brett Favre. His idol status is mind-boggling to me. How can fans of the NFL, and in particular Green bay fans, stand to hear this (as stated on David Letterman last night):

Favre: I think when training camp gets close, something’s bound to happen.
Letterman: What does that mean?
Favre: I don’t know. Did I just say that?
Yes you did, Brett. And stop it. You are going to alienate people who love you. Every time you hint about returning more people will be pissed at you. And imagine what would happen if you try to return with another team (which can only happen if he forces a trade)? Shut up Brett Favre.

Favre? Really EA?

You couldn't find someone better? Ya know, like someone who is still playing? What is the over/under on John Madden demanding Favre be on the cover? It's ridiculous how this guy is so beloved. Worst Madden cover since John himself was on the cover.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 NFL Predictions: Extremely Early Edition

With the free agency period all but dead and the draft only two days away I though I'd take an early look at the divisions. The draft could easily alter these. However, based on what the teams did last year and their additions/subtractions through free agency it is worth considering, for fun, how the 2008 season may play out.

1. Cleveland Browns 10-6
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6**
3. Baltimore Ravens 5-11
4. Cincinnati Bengals 5-11

1. Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4
2. Indianapolis Colts 11-5**
3. Tennessee Titans 9-7
4. Houston Texans 6-10

1. New England Patriots 13-3
2. New York Jets 9-7
3. Buffalo Bills 6-10
4. Miami Dolphins 6-10

1. San Diego Chargers 13-3
2. Denver Broncos 7-9
3. Oakland Raiders 5-11
4. Kansas City Chiefs 2-14

1. Minnesota Vikings 10-6
2. Green Bay Packers 10-6**
3. Detroit Lions 6-10
4. Chicago Bears 6-10

1. New Orleans Saints 10-6
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7
3. Carolina Panthers 7-9
4. Atlanta Falcons 4-12

1. Dallas Cowboys 11-5
2. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6**
3. New York Giants 9-7
4. Washington Redskins 8-8

1. Seattle Seahawks 9-7
2. Arizona Cardinals 7-9
3. St. Louis Rams 6-10
4. San Francisco 49ers 5-11

**Wild Card

2008 NFL Mock Draft Version 7.5

The Dolphins actually signing Jake Long ruined my previous mock. The Chiefs trading Jared Allen to the Vikings didn't help either. Here is the revision as promised. Things have really moved around. I am putting the mock up as an image this time to make things easier. Just click on the picture to enlarge. My comments are after the mock.

1. Previous reports had the Rams pining for Chris Long. Now apparently it is Glenn Dorsey. This pick could be traded to New Orleans or Baltimore.
2. If the Rams take Dorsey that puts Atlanta in a difficult spot. They don't need a DE so Long and Vernon Gholston are out. That leaves Sedrick Ellis and Matt Ryan. I think the Falcons covet Brohm who they can get cheaper. Ellis is a bit of a reach but is a better option than Ryan.
3. Since the Chiefs traded Allen they need a new DE to play opposite Tamba Hali. They may get a shot at Chris Long or Vernon Gholston. The Chiefs aren't known to reach so I think Branden Albert and Ryan Clady are out of the picture.
4. I'm 85% certain the Patriots will trade their pick.
The Ravens will be the first time to take Ryan barring a trade up by Carolina, Chicago, or Minnesota. Ryan could very well be bypassed by the Ravens for offensive line, rush OLB, or CB help. Maybe teams will realize how overhyped and overrated Ryan is.
5. I wanted to give the Bills a CB but they seem to be leaning towards Thomas. Don't be surprised if they do take Leodis McKelvin though.
6. Again, the Broncos prefer Chris Williams over Clady and Otah because he is a better fit for their system.
7. The Chiefs may be reaching, ever so slightly, for Cherilus but they need someone on the line and he is the best remaining option. They would rejoice if Clady or Otah fell to them.
8. The Seahawks, Jaguars, Chargers, and Packers will all try to trade out. The prospects left don't fit their needs very well.
9. I couldn't pass on giving Connor to Miami. He is slightly undersized to be an ILB in Parcells' 3-4. He has the frame to add 5-10 more pounds and then would be a great fit. Miami needs someone inside next to Channing Crowder.
10. I hope you have enjoyed my mock drafts. I have been publishing them since October. The weekend of the draft has finally arrived. Enjoy the draft everyone!

Q&A with Martellus Bennett

Hello loyal readers. Besides running this blog I am also a NFL Draft Analyst with The Football Expert and had the opportunity to ask NFL draft prospect Martellus Bennett, arguably the best TE in the 2008 class, a few questions. Here are his responses:

Joey: Being a big Dolphins fan how would you feel to be drafted by Miami and play for Bill Parcells and to help a struggling franchise return to glory?

Martellus: I would be elated Miami is beautiful and it would be a chance to be part of an up and coming franchise.

Joey: What made you choose Texas A&M over other schools like LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas?

Martellus: I chose A&M over all the other schools because I felt like that was the best fit for me and my personality. The traditions and fans as well as the coaches were a major contributor as well as my brother attending the university.

Joey: If you could compare yourself to an NFL TE (past or present) who would it be and why?

Martellus: As far as who do I think I play like I think a mixture because I'm not the fastest but very productive not the biggest but I'm big not the smartest but I'm pretty smart lol. Jus joking. Naw I watch a lot of tape on Tony G, Todd Heap, Alge Crumpler and Antonio Gates I try and pattern my game after them sort of wt my on twist anf flavor.

So there you have it. You can read Martelluss' draft blog here. I'd like to thank Martellus Bennett for taking a few minutes out of his busy day to answer my questions. Best of luck this weekend Martellus. I'd love to see you in Miami!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bring on Montreal

Click to enlarge.

Mock Draft to be Revised (UPDATED AGAIN)

As I pointed out when I published my mock draft just a few hours ago, I will be revising it to take into account the Dolphins signing Jake Long. This will certainly change some things at the top which could impact the later rounds. Version 7.5 will be released tonight or tomorrow morning by Thursday at noon 1pm. I'm serious this time.

With the First Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft...

...the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long, OT, Michigan

It is official! The Dolphins negotiations with Jake Long were not a ruse, ploy, or smokescreen. FOX Sports & ESPN have reported that an agreement is in place and will be signed this afternoon. The Dolphins have scheduled a live news conference for 1:45pm.

I don't hate the choice. Jake Long was my second pick behind Chris Long. Now we just need to add Chad Henne in round two...

2008 NFL Mock Draft Version 7.0

OK here is is. My final mock draft. I do not have any first round commentary on this one. We all know the team needs by now. A lot of things could change between now and Saturday at 3pm. I may not be able to do an update due to traveling this weekend (don't worry I am still watching the entire draft). If anything big happens before noon Friday I will hopefully issue a 7.5 update. No promises.

Below the three round mock are a few comments I make on my picks. This mock does not include trades, which are bound to throw a wrench into the works. If you have individual questions or comments leave them below. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. Without further ado, here is my 2008 NFL Mock Draft, Version 7.0...



Player, Position, School

Miami Dolphins
Chris Long, DE/OLB, Virginia


St. Louis Rams

Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU


Atlanta Falcons

Jake Long, OT, Michigan


Oakland Raiders

Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State


Kansas City Chiefs

Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC


New York Jets

Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas


New England Patriots
(from San Francisco)

Branden Albert, OG, Virginia


Baltimore Ravens

Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College


Cincinnati Bengals

Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida


New Orleans Saints

Keith Rivers, LB, USC


Buffalo Bills

Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy


Denver Broncos

Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt


Carolina Panthers

Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State


Chicago Bears

Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh


Detroit Lions

Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois


Arizona Cardinals

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State


Minnesota Vikings

Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson


Houston Texans

Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida


Philadelphia Eagles

Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Limas Sweed, WR, Texas


Washington Redskins

James Hardy, WR, Indiana


Dallas Cowboys
(from Cleveland)

Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon


Pittsburgh Steelers

Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College


Tennessee Titans

Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma


Seattle Seahawks

Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina


Jacksonville Jaguars

Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (FL)


San Diego Chargers

Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee


Dallas Cowboys

DeSean Jackson, WR, California


San Francisco 49ers
(from Indianapolis)

Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami (FL)


Green Bay Packers

Sam Baker, OT, USC


New England Patriots



New York Giants

Dan Connor, LB, Penn State



Miami Dolphins

Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas


St. Louis Rams

Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC


Atlanta Falcons
(from Oakland)

Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville


Kansas City Chiefs

Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware


New York Jets

Curtis Lofton, LB, Oklahoma


Atlanta Falcons

Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame


Baltimore Ravens

Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma


San Francisco 49ers

Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn


New Orleans Saints

Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue


Buffalo Bills

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan


Denver Broncos

Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida


Carolina Panthers

Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas


Chicago Bears

Chad Henne, QB, Michigan


Detroit Lions

Erin Henderson, LB, Maryland


Cincinnati Bengals

Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M


Minnesota Vikings

Earl Doucet, WR, LSU


Atlanta Falcons
(from Houston)

Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech


Philadelphia Eagles

DaJuan Morgan, FS, N.C. State


Arizona Cardinals

Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas


Washington Redskins

Pat Sims, DT, Auburn


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona


Pittsburgh Steelers

Dre Moore, DT, Maryland


Tennessee Titans

Chilo Rachal, OG, USC


Seattle Seahawks

Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State


Green Bay Packers
(from Cleveland)

Fred Davis, TE, USC


Miami Dolphins (from San Diego)

Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt


Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Pollak, OC, Arizona State


Indianapolis Colts

Xavier Adibi, LB, Virginia Tech


Green Bay Packers

Justin King, CB, Penn State


Dallas Cowboys

Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana


New England Patriots

Cliff Avril, DE/OLB, Purdue


New York Giants

Tyrell Johnson, SS, Arkansas State



Miami Dolphins

Duane Brown, OT, Virginia Tech


St. Louis Rams

Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech


Kansas City Chiefs

Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska


Carolina Panthers
(from NY Jets)

John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame


Atlanta Falcons

Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami (FL)


New England Patriots
(from Oakland)

Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa


Chicago Bears
(from San Francisco)

Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers


Jacksonville Jaguars
(from Baltimore via Buffalo)

Josh Barrett, SS, Arizona State


Buffalo Bills

Matt Forte, RB, Tulane


Minnesota Vikings
(from Denver)

Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky


Carolina Panthers

Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M


San Francisco 49ers
(from Chicago)

Roy Schuening, OG, Oregon State


Detroit Lions

Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan


Cincinnati Bengals

Donnie Avery, WR, Houston


New Orleans Saints

Terrell Thomas, CB, USC


Houston Texans

Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina


Philadelphia Eagles

Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee


Arizona Cardinals

Shawn Crable, DE/OLB, Michigan


Minnesota Vikings

Oniel Cousins, OT, UTEP


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest


Washington Redskins

Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas


Tennessee Titans

Ahtyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State


Seattle Seahawks

Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech


Detroit Lions
(from Cleveland)

Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn


Pittsburgh Steelers

Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech


Jacksonville Jaguars

John Greco, OT, Toledo


Chicago Bears
(from San Diego)

Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina


Green Bay Packers

Kevin Smith, RB, Central Florida


Dallas Cowboys

Tyvon Branch, CB, Connecticut


Indianapolis Colts

Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State


New England Patriots

Marcus Harrison, NT, Arkansas


New York Giants

Geno Hayes, LB, Florida State


Washington Redskins

Thomas DeCoud, FS, California


Cincinnati Bengals

Darrell Robertson, DE, Georgia Tech


Atlanta Falcons

Ali Highsmith, LB, LSU


Baltimore Ravens

Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State

My comments:
  1. Matt Ryan could easily fall out of the top 10. There are numerous scouts and team executives that believe the same thing I do: Ryan is overrated because of a weak class. If he were in the 2007 class he wouldn't have a shot of going before picks 25-35, at the earliest. Ryan won't drop past 17 but could make it there. Minnesota would love that if it fixed its other problem
  2. That other problem (for Minnesota) is a pass rush. Despite spending a few first round picks on DEs, things haven't worked out for many reasons. If the Vikings acquire Jared Allen (or think they can after the draft) it will shake up the first round big time. If the Vikings get Allen prior to the draft then Minnesota will (most likely) have sent their 1st round and a 2nd or 3rd round pick to Kansas City. If they wait until after the draft to sign Allen, they will give up 1st round picks in 2009 and 2010. This would allow the Vikings, for example, to trade their 1st, 2nd, and 5th round picks this year to move up to draft a falling Matt Ryan (just one possibility).
  3. I am fully aware that my team, the Dolphins, are in deep negotiations with Jake Long. That doesn't mean they will go with him. Maybe I am letting my personal feelings interfere here but I think Chris Long is the dominant player in this draft, more so than Darren McFadden (who is a little bit overrated in my opinion). Parcells and Co. need an OT, no doubt about that. But they need an RT, not an LT. If you take Long that means Vernon Carey will be moved back to RT. He is a free agent after this season. Since Carey proved he can play LT well he will be offered money to play LT somewhere else. The Dolphins can't afford to match LT money for a player they have at RT. SO we lose Carey in a year and are back to square one. Pass on Jake and take Gosder Cherilus or Sam Baker at 33 (technically 32, haha Patriots).
  4. I have Chris Williams going to the Broncos over Ryan Clady and Jeff Otah because Williams is a better fit for the Broncos zone-blocking scheme. Clady, and possibly Otah, are considered slightly better prospects but don't fit into Denver's scheme as well.
  5. If the Vikings get Jared Allen (or plan to sign him after the draft) then they won't take Merling. As I said before they could package some picks and move up to sneak ahead of the Ravens to take Ryan. The Jets or Patriots would love to trade down. My money would be on New England getting Minnesota's 1st, 2nd, and 5th round picks.
  6. If the Falcons play their card right they will be the most improved team in this draft. There is no need to reach for Matt Ryan at 3. Take Dorsey or Jake Long (if available) or trade back (with Baltimore?). Doing that would give the Falcons even more picks in the first few rounds.
  7. What will be the first team to reach for a player? Possibly Kansas City (for Albert or Clady) but I'll go with Cincinnati. Just think they could do something dumb. Not quite as dumb as taking Ted Ginn at #9 but pretty dumb.
  8. Who won't pick in round one (besides Indianapolis and Cleveland)? San Diego. They want out of that spot and need a second or third round pick. They will trade out.
  9. Most Overrated player in the draft: Matt Ryan or Darren McFadden.
  10. Most Underrated player in the draft: Brian Brohm or Dan Connor.
That's it for me. I may be back with a minor update in a day or two. Remember, the draft is SATURDAY at 3pm on ESPN. Don't miss it!