Monday, April 14, 2008

I Expect Rebuttals

Click image to read a lot of bullshit.

This loser is from Philadelphia, PA according to his ESPN fan profile. And here he is bad mouthing PSU with some ABSURD and ASININE comments. These are comments taken from the article that I posted below, Desire to coach still drives 81-year-old Paterno.

I would really like the bloggers take on this (and any and all comments). A paragraph is all I ask but more would be great.

I'm guessing he defines money-making sports as football and basketball? I'm not sure what else would count. So we got the football one locked down. Our program is one of the best in the nation, attendance wise. So sorry we aren't great at men's basketball (we usually have a good women's team).

Apparently winning a Big Ten title after Big ten title in volleyball, fencing, gymnastics, soccer, etc. isn't good enough. Nor are the multiple National Championships by some of the those same teams.

This guy could be a Temple or Villanova fan for all we know (he doesn't have teams listed in his profile). Now that would be hypocrisy.

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