Friday, April 25, 2008

Favre? Really EA?

You couldn't find someone better? Ya know, like someone who is still playing? What is the over/under on John Madden demanding Favre be on the cover? It's ridiculous how this guy is so beloved. Worst Madden cover since John himself was on the cover.


Anonymous said...

Your a dumbass...the Madden cover isn't always about putting the "best player" on the cover, it usually symbolizes some aspect of the videogame they're trying to push. In this case, they chose Farve because both he Madden are synonymous with NFL football and both represent longevity and a love for the game.

MECU said...

I totally agree. There isn't a single player ACTIVE that they could pick? Can you even play Farve in the game? It's such a joke. Course, Madden is a joke too so I guess it makes sense.