Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jets on the clock

Ok, so the Jets are on the clock...McFadden is gone. Stupid Raiders. Probably startled the neighbors after I punched my wall when that happened. At least Matt Ryan is gone. Amen. 7 minutes left..

Gholston is still there. Seems like the obvious pick at this point. Though does somebody else want him worse? Would it be worth it to stack up on some picks. I really want James Hardy later and there's a chance he may not be around even in the early second round. Could they take Ryan Clady. Oh man, the house would burn a bad way. 4 minutes left...

Oh man, still on the clock. What's taking so long? Maybe there's a trade offer on the table? I can't think of anything else. Gholston is the obvious choice. He still hasn't picked up the phone. Makes me a bit nervous. Then again, we already have too many Buckeyes on the roster. Oh geez. 2 minutes left...

Stupid Raiders. I really wanted McFadden. Oh well. Gholston still hasn't answered the phone. There has to be a trade in the works. But with who? The Cowboys? I'd love that...grabbing 2 first rounders. If not, ahhh I don't know. DO SOMETHING!!

Ahhhhh here's the pick.....Jet fans are booing? And here's Goodell.......

Vernon Gholston.

Welcome to the Jets family...even though I've hated your guts for the last 4 years.

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