Monday, April 28, 2008

Morelli has a team!

God bless the Arizona Cardinals. I don't know why they would even consider offering a contract to the kid. The sad thing is, he certainly has a decent chance to make it to 2nd or 3rd string QB by the end of the season, assuming he survives training camp. The Cards didn't draft a QB and their current lineup of QBs includes oft-injured Matt Leinart, the ancient Kurt Warner, and career 3rd-stringer Brian St. Pierre. Frankly, Morelli's smartest decision in a long time was to sign on with Arizona. If he ends up miraculously getting any playing time, he'll have Fitzgerald, Boldin and former PSUer Bryant Johnson to throw to and those guys would make me look like a good QB.

In other PSU player news...Austin Scott found himself a team too. He signed on with Cleveland. Even if he didn't get into this whole mess earlier in the year, he probably wouldn't have been drafted but the guy has talent. Who knows what will happen there. Terrell Golden stayed in state and signed on with the Eagles while Matt Hahn went to Oakland. Good for Hahn...he was a solid player before he blew out his knee.

Moving on to the Jets...they signed Danny Woodhead!! I'm not sure if he'll do any good but it's cool nonetheless. One way or another, this kid can definitely play as he holds the all-time and single season NCAA rushing records. Frankly, his size is his only downfall (5'7"). He apparently had a fantastic pro day, running a 4.33 40 and posting exceptional numbers in the other workouts. Never know...I hate to say this but could other teams have passed him up because he's white? It's something to throw out there. Maybe it's just me but I thought teams typically took late round flyers on guys like this...

CORRECTION: Apparently Austin Scott was only invited to camp? I have conflicting reports on this.

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TAS said...

Anyone catch the swipe made at the Paternos by the Arizona spokesman who called Morelli "undercoached"?