Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This just seems like a bad joke at this point...

Another day, another story of a Penn State football player getting in trouble. Yesterday, Chris Bell (who was suspended at the time) pulled a cooking knife on fellow teammate Devon Still in the football players' dining commons who earlier had accused Bell of taking his cell phone case. Upon doing this, he also stated he had more knifes and a gun. Brilliant. It took multiple Penn State coaches to diffuse the situation and Chris Bell ended up getting a nice night in jail (where he still may be at this point). Today, Penn State did the right thing and booted him from the team altogether. Now, I understand he was already suspended for other issues, but this is getting ridiculous. I understand JoePa's whole thing of there being a few bad apples stereotyping the whole team as thugs where there are other admirable players but this is worse than that. It's a lot of bad apples right now. Has it gotten to the point where our recruiters are going to have to instill CIA type background checks? Yes, that's drastic, but we need to do a better job on recruiting character because the behavior of this team is just flat out pathetic at this point.

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