Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Did It!!!!!!

Elation! First time I've felt that emotion in quite some time and it feels good. Tonight, my New Orleans Hornets won their first ever division crown in franchise history with their win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Frankly, I knew they had the potential to be good, but to win in a division with the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets is one helluva task, and they did it. If CP3 does not win MVP, he will be robbed. Yes, Kobe has been phenomenal this year, but he's doing it on a Los Angeles team that is supposed to, and always wins every year. The Hornets have struggled year after year and this year, Chris Paul led them to the top of the hardest division in the hardest conference. While it's nice to celebrate now, the playoffs loom and boy are they going to be crazy. Even if you're not a huge NBA fan, these Western Conference playoff matchups have to excite you. If you were to rattle off all of the first round matchups at the beginning of the season, one would think that they could all be potential Western Conference Final matchups (with the exception of New Orleans series because not many saw their immense potential). Every game is going to be a battle. Whoever makes it out of the Western Conference absolutely will deserve it, hands down. So yes, while we need to prepare for the playoffs, tonight is a well deserved evening of celebration.

Yayyyyy!!!!! Go Hornets!!! I <3 CP3!!! (Credit AP with pic)

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