Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miguel Tejada gets pwned

Finally, a foreign player gets officially outed for lying about his age. Today, news broke that Miguel Tejada is actually 33, not 31 as its officially listed in the books. The new ESPN program E:60 is responsible for breaking the story and ohhh boy did they get him. It almost seemed like an episode of Punk'd...only it was true. As the host starts getting into Tejada's age, he tries to shrug it off and stands by his claim that he's 31....wait....actually, he said he was 32. So not only did he lie about his age to begin with, he incorrectly lied about it in the interview. Talk about a bad liar (coughSTEROIDScough). When the guy doing the interview starts talking about how he has his birth certificate, the look on Tejada's face is priceless. He seriously looks like he's about to shit himself he's so scared about this getting out. Serves him right. I understand why some foreign athletes lie about their age but that doesn't mean it isn't messed up. At least once you become a star and know you'll make a nice chunk of change for the rest of your career, you should come clean. Yeah, you won't get as much money in your later years as you would have if you kept lying but I think it sure beats a huge PR hit like this, especially on the heels of steroid accusations in Tejada's case.

Click here for the story and then check out the video.

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