Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That dude

Frankly, I just think the kid is trying to make a narrow-minded point. Major/money making sports? Well, when you get right down to it, there's only 2 in college...football and men's basketball. So basically this kid is saying that Penn State has a crappy basketball team, which they do. Also, he (I'm assuming it's a he) says that with JoePa around, that draws recruits. Um, not so much anymore. People aren't naive...they know he has to go at some point in the near future. High schoolers are tentative to commit because things are not very stable right now as nobody knows who the head coach will be in a couple of years. This guy also neglected to state the fact that Pryor also said that he would have looked a lot harder at PSU if Bradley was named as the successor to JoePa. Pryor's whole line about how it was too country out here for him was just an excuse. He went to Columbus because they were able to turn Troy Smith, a similar athlete, into a Heisman winner. That and the fact that they keep making it to the National Championship Game. PSU's surroundings really had nothing to do with it.

Tradition will remain at Penn State after JoePa leaves. To say it will fade when he leaves is just ignorant. When you have the largest football stadium in the nation, it's not there because of one man. Sure JoePa had a significant hand in it, but you need a significant alumni base to build up the program too, which PSU has.

As for the Alabama, Indiana, and Arkansas comment...all programs have good times and bad times. And Indiana? Maybe if they didn't hire clowns to coach their basketball team, they'd have a much easier time maintaining their tradition. Even with a guy like Sampson as coach, they pulled in one of the biggest recruits last year in Eric Gordon. Alabama is in an incredibly rough conference and have had a head coaching carousel since Bear Bryant left. If you hire the right guy to take over your team (which is no easy task), then you can maintain that tradition. Look at programs like Notre Dame and Michigan...they were huge back in the day, and have been able to maintain their traditions.

When all is said and done, traditions will remain unless people really screw it up. Penn State will continue to bring in recruits as long as we have a program that produce a winning football team. It doesn't matter whether or not the weather is nice or if we're near a big city. While that might be a driving force for some recruits, not all of them are that shallow.

WE ARE...(and always will be)...PENN STATE!

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