Monday, April 14, 2008

NHL Reacts to Avery's Move

Watching the Rangers and Devils beat the crap out of each other is nice. But what Avery did last night was pathetic. I echo what E posted earlier. Well now the league has reacted.



NEW YORK/TORONTO (April 14, 2008) -- National Hockey League Senior
Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell
today issued the following advisory on the interpretation of Rule 75 -
Unsportsmanlike Conduct: "An unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty (Rule
75) will be interpreted and applied, effective immediately, to a situation
when an offensive player positions himself facing the opposition goaltender
and engages in actions such as waving his arms or stick in front of the
goaltender's face, for the purpose of improperly interfering with and/or
distracting the goaltender as opposed to positioning himself to try to make
a play."
So what Sean Avery did is unsportsmanlike conduct and will result in a penalty next time. Good. Unfortunately this has already happened. Videos of Avery looking like a fool on YouTube have had thousands of hits.