Friday, March 14, 2008

How Sweet It Is...Henne to Dolphins?

Will Chad Henne soon call South Florida home? Find out on April 26th.

I scour many Dolphins websites and the local Miami/South Florida newspapers trying to catch up on a team I am always disconnected from. It's hard to be tied to a team and living so far away from the organization and the rest of the fan base. But I maintain my loyalty, never wavering, despite their recent dismal results.

One of the ways I try to deal with the distance is by always knowing what is happening, through the newspapers and websites. Come draft time, I always know the team needs and the best prospects available. I have been watching the NFL Draft since 1995...I was 10. Recently, I started creating my own mock. I did so for the 2007 draft but did not have a means to show it to the public. Now that have this blog I can show it and have 6 times so far for the 2008 draft. My personal accuracy for 2007 was over 25%. You may scoff at that but I am proud to say that I predicted 1 in 4 first round picks correctly. After all, I am an amateur and have done very little film study. I don't get paid to do this so I can't invest 8+ hours a day on it (although I wish I did and could).

When it comes time for the Dolphins to draft, I know a few things will happen:
  1. They will trade away draft picks for crappy or washed up veterans (A.J. Feeley, Trent Green).
  2. They will need a QB and either won't take one or will take the wrong one (the jury is still out on John Beck).
  3. They will not take any player that I have grown to like, whether he be a Penn State graduate or a player from Wilson High School (Kerry Collins & John Gilmore who, coincidentally, fulfill both criteria here).
Number one should be done for now. The new regime of Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano will not do stupid draft pick deals. Yes, they already traded a pick this year and next year for Ferguson. But it was a swap of 6th rounders this year and a 6th rounder next year. Not too big a deal. Number two will be addressed this year, most likely between rounds two and four. Is it possible that number three will be fulfilled in 2008 as well? According to a recent South Florida Sun-Sentinel Dolphins beat writer blog it is a distinct possibility.
Based on the level of interest the Dolphins have shown in Flacco and Henne I fully believe the Dolphins will end up with one of these two quarterbacks with one of their second round selections...
WHAT!?!? Sweeeeet. Not only would selecting Chad Henne fulfill items two and three on that draft list, I FREAKIN' PLAYED FOOTBALL WITH HIM...FOR 8 YEARS! I would actually know a Miami Dolphin.

I want this to happen. Not only because I've played football with him and because he is from Wilson. I honestly think he is going to be a better pro player than uber overrated Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. In my opinion, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, and Josh Johnson (yeah, who?) will be the best 3 QBs from the 2008 draft. You heard it here first.

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JRAFF said...

If that does work out, we can save shipping costs by ordering our jerseys together haha.