Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1-Day Dream Put to Rest...For Now

After speculation surfaced about Bill Cowher being the next coach at Penn State, many Nittany Lion fans were ecstatic. Well they can all come down from Cloud 9 now. College Football Talk has a story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that says Cowher isn't moving to PA. In fact, he is only moving a distance of two miles from his old him in NC.

Cowher said yesterday with a laugh that "I'm not going anywhere," after Internet reports noted that his house was for sale and rumors linked him with another coaching job, this one at Penn State.

"Put that to rest," Cowher said firmly yesterday. "I'm staying here."

He' staying in NC...for now. There are no facts yet known as to why Cowher had a slumber party with Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley February 24-25. There have been rumors that his daughter is enrolling to or already attends Penn State. There have been no confirmations.

For now Nittany Lion fans can return to their countdown to the Blue-White game. But, in my opinion, we have not heard the last of Cowher to Penn State. Stay tuned.

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E said...

well, i know one of cowher's daughters plays basketball at princeton...i've actually considered checking out a game cause I heard he frequents them...wikipedia mentions him having 2 other daughters but nothing about them.