Monday, March 31, 2008

With God on our side...

Today one of the coolest things happened to me. My Dad, who happens to be a United Methodist Minister, took part in the "Blessing of the Balls" sponsored by WMGK radio in Philly. Last week the radio station recieved my Dad's name from a listener. The producer of the morning show called my Dad and asked him if he would be interested in coming down the morning before the Openning Game to Bless the Game Balls. My Dad, being a huge Phillies fan was thrilled. This morning around 8:40 AM my Dad was able to Bless the Game balls for the Phillies. Quick disclaimer... he blessed the first dozen balls to be used, so they were not the ones that were used when the Phillies lost. However, I think this may just be a small step on the Road to the World Championship... ok so maybe thats a stretch. But its nice to dream (or pray)!

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