Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad Wikipedia: Version 1

While looking up things about Bill Cowher and this whole PSU speculation, I decided to check out everybody's favorite source, Wikipedia, and found a gem of a lie.

(Click on the picture so you can actually see it but if you're too lazy to do that, it reads: "Recently, it has been discovered that the Cowher's are selling their new house in NC because the Coach is about to sign a contract to become the next head coach of Penn State, following Joe Paterno's retirement in 2009. Accompanied with their new coach the Nittany Lions also added another member to the team, top recruit Terrelle Pryor.")

Not only is that a lie, it doesn't make sense. The whole PSU thing was only a rumor to begin with and this establishes it as fact. It also states that JoePa is retiring in 2009, something widely speculated but far from certain. Finally, this clever writer decides to stick in that PSU got Terrelle Pryor, which is not true (..yet..). Either way, if we do get Pryor, he'd be here before Cowher would be so yeah....what the heck?

FYI: I'm too lazy to change it and found it amusing so hurry up and check it out for yourself before somebody with a conscience decides to fix it.

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