Monday, January 14, 2008

JK is jk....right?....guess not...

Are NFL teams ready for THE KING??!! (cstv)

Earlier this evening, Justin King declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft. Personally, I think his decision is pretty much moronic. He looked extremely lackluster multiple times last season and definitely needed another year to fine tune his skills. If he get can insanely torched by guys like James Hardy, he doesn't stand a chance against the premier WRs in the NFL. Imagine T.O. vs. King. Laughable. So laughable T.O. would literally laugh if King lined up with him. Personally, I believe his decision was driven mainly by his ego. This is what he said prior to the Alamo Bowl:

"Whatever I do, whatever decision I make, it's going to be for what Justin wants to do. It's not about what anybody thinks I should do or anybody thinks is great for me."

Hmmm...well, pretty much everybody thinks King should stick around Happy Valley for another year. But King thinks he's better than he is and wants $. I will admit, this guy is an athlete and has immense talent. However, I don't feel like that has really panned out on the football field yet. His All-Big Ten selection was a giant fluke (unless the Big Ten really has no decent CBs). Not only that but you know when one of your three career highlights in the Collegian article says "Held Ohio State’s Ted Ginn, Jr., a former first-round pick in the NFL Draft, to two catches and 15 yards in Penn State’s loss to Ohio State in 2006," you know you haven't really done that much. Especially since Ginn Jr. got drafted as high as he did due to a combination of his returning ability and Cam Cameron's lack of judgment.

Frankly, the decision just baffles me. He is one guy that can seriously boost his stock if he sticks around for another year. King has to have a killer combine to sneak into the 2nd round (which I wouldn't put past him) but if he stuck around for his senior year, I firmly believe that he could make it to the 1st round.

(EDIT: Please note that I that don't hope King fails or anything like that. I only wish him the best and truly hope he positively represents PSU in the NFL and becomes a successful DB. I'm just incredibly frustrated that he would make what I consider to be a very poor decision.)

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