Friday, January 11, 2008

More June Jones fallout

State Senators rushed to clear their schedules earlier this week to tour the University of Hawaii's Manoa campus to observe the outdated facilities that have plagued the campus for years. Video from Honolulu affiliate KITV can be viewed here.

The accompanying news article can be found here. Saying that the campus needed to be "rebuilt," Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw said repairs would cost upwards of $400 million. Senators were appalled by what they saw, including air conditioners that profusely leak, ceiling tiles that fall out, and the football team's assistant coaches' office -- a huge, empty room that has been left untouched for years. The facilities, as mentioned previously, were a huge reason football head coach June Jones ditched Hawaii for SMU last weekend. If anything positive is to come of this ordeal, it at least has put a glaring spotlight on the crumbling infrastructure of the Manoa campus.

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