Friday, November 14, 2008

Indiana-Penn State Prediction

Not even close.

At least, it shouldn't be.

This Penn State team is bound to be pissed off after choking against a mediocre Iowa team. There's no doubt in my mind Penn State is the better team. But they didn't prove it. No excuses.

Despite almost no chance of getting to play in the National Championship, all is not lost. If Penn State wins out they go to the Rose Bowl. It's that simple. That all starts tomorrow with Indiana.

Indiana is nowhere near as talented as they were in 2007, due to the loss of James Hardy (draft) and the injuries to the secondary and QBs. Plus, where has Greg Middleton been?

Penn State is the better team, on paper, for the 11th straight game. Unfortunately there record sits at 9-1 instead of 10-0. How will they respond?

I think they'll play like a team possessed; the team everyone wanted to see these last 3 weeks. Too bad it'll come a week too late.

Indiana 13, Penn State 45

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