Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maybin Staying or Going?

Well, first I'd like to apologize for not posting in 90328409 years but I saw something interesting...Take from this what you will, but I saw Aaron Maybin doing some pretty decent shopping at the State College Walmart today...If Maybin had any intention of declaring I:

a) doubt he'd be shopping at Walmart
b) doubt he'd be shopping at the State College Walmart
c) doubt he'd be doing a good deal of shopping at the State College Walmart with his parents.

I'm not claiming this to be solid information one way or the other so again, take from this what you will. The flipside is if he were to declare, he could possibly train here thus proving that my observation means next to nothing.

IMO Maybin should stay one more year but if he's guaranteed to be a 1st rounder as some project, I wouldn't blame him for going after the money. It wouldn't be as idiotic as Justin King's decision last year. This kid just has so much passion in being a Nittany Lion that it's hard for me to see him walking away from the team, especially with JoePa still at the helm but money talks. We shall see.

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J Mays said...

Yay! Someone else posting!

Welcome back, don't be a stranger...


Good information. I hope your intuition is correct. Please come back PROJECT MAYHEM!