Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing The Phield

Yep, another long break in posts. Sorry about that. We're mainly a Penn State/NFL blog so it's hard to stay up on things from February through August (save for April... NFL draft!). One thing I need to start doing again is blogging about my beloved Phillies. And this might push me to do so. It's called "The Phield".

The Phield has composed a bracket of 65 of the best Philadelphia Phillies blogs around the Internet to determine one Phillies blog to rule them all. It's an awesome idea, started by former Phillies Nation - a #1 seed, by the way - writer by the name of Timothy Malcolm. He has done a stupendous job of finding great Phillies fans' sites from across the web, excluding us here. But that's OK; I never expected to be added to The Phield since I haven't written about the team since October 30th, 2009. Heck, I didn't even comment on the World Series loss or offseason changes.

Anyway, this leads me to want to start talking about the Phillies again. I love the team but don't give them as much face time here due to my obsession with all things football. Hopefully that changes this coming season and I can get a high seed for the 2011 Phield. That's my new goal.

For reference, here is The Phield for 2010, taken from the main site.

Click to enlarge.

Malcolm certainly included all of the ones I peruse on a daily basis, such as Macho Row, The 700 Level, The Fightins, Swing and a Long Drive, and Phinally Philly, plus a lot more. There are at least 30 I hadn't even heard of before this tournament. My Google Reader is about to be even more full...

You can get involved in the voting, too! Follow @ThePhield on Twitter, where you can submit votes and get updates. You can also vote by emailing thephield@gmail.com by 8 PM each day. You vote for your favorite blog in each two-team matchup, when the match-up is featured on the site (and mentioned on Twitter). UPDATE: Kevin McGuire, from Macho Row, has let me know that The Phield has changed voting procedures to a poll on the main site. Vote there each day between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Good luck to all 65 teams involved! My the best Phillies blog win!

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