Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still Think Favre Is Above a Team?

Brett Favre is selfish. Always has been, always will be. The cheeseheads in Wisconsin don't like to admit (and neither do some blind sports fans that praise and worship the dry dirt he walks on) but it is undeniably true. His actions show it.

He always claimed he was about the team. What he really meant what was best for him was undeniably the best thing for the team. He wanted to win another title. That's his claim for staying and for stalling the Packers front office for the past 3 or 4 offseasons. However, the year after 'leading' the Packers to the NFC Championship game the man up and quits? Oh I'm sorry, he 'retired'. Is there any doubt that Favre came back solely for the personal titles he gained through the 2007 season? Nope. Why leave a 13-3 team when you claim you only ever want to win? Did winning for the first time in 3 years take that much out of him? The Packers are a young force in Green Bay; they could be fielding their best team since the mid-90's this season (minus the QB spot, where Aaron Rodgers is still relatively unproven). And yet Favre 'retires'? Give me a break.

Of course I talked about Mr. Favre before (twice, actually). But every time his name is brought up it makes me cringe. Having him as a role model is an awful things for kids. Sure if they only yearn to have his physical skills and tools then fine, yeah, he's a good 'role model'. But I though role models were supposed to do the right things in their personal life and conduct themselves with utmost class? That is not Brett Favre. His 'me before the team' mentality is utterly ridiculous.

With the talk of a comeback again (which seems to happen every two weeks) the real Brett Favre is revealed, despite his continual denial. It is rumored that Favre has contacted the Packers about returning and they basically said "Thanks, but no thanks, unless Rodgers gets injured". As they should have! They have been preparing for 3+ months now with Aaron Rodgers as the starter; not Brett Favre. It's over for you in Green Bay, Brett. The team has closure; get yours. The only reason Green bay should allow you back is to play if Rodgers is injured. That's it. And if you truly have an 'itch' to play then force the Packers hands; they'll release you and hopefully the unwise sports fans out there won't blame the team for doing the right thing. You may be one of the Top 15 QB's of All-Time. But what you have done these last couple of years has really tarnished your legacy in the eyes of many people. If you force the Packers to release you because you want to play and they won't let you come back, I hope you're booed everywhere you go. It's what you deserve. This whole mess is your fault, Brett Favre. And the country is sick of it. Proof is in the pudding.

Football fans around the country (and world) think Brett Favre should not come back.

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