Monday, July 28, 2008

Phillies Potpourri

Here are some random Phillies notes:

  • Adam Eaton was demoted to Triple-A Lehigh Valley today, most likely to call up J.A. Happ. Happ performed well in place of Brett Myers when was sent down to the minors in early July. This time Happ will most likely be a reliever. In my opinion, Myers should be bumped into the setup role and Happ should take Myers spot in the rotation.
  • Rumors on the Internet are speculating that the Phillies could make a run at Manny Ramirez. Yeah, that makes sense. Why would they trade young guys for a soon-to-be 37 year old free agent? Ramirez is having a decent year but he is not worth the headache. I'd much rather send a collection of prospects to Colorado for Matt holiday and Brian Fuenets than to Boston for Ramirez. Ain't gonna happen.
  • The Phillies are back in the place where they played so well last year: 2nd. After leading the NL East for almost 60 consecutive days, the Mets are now on top. Yuck. However there are a lot of games to play. Check back the last week of September.
  • Philadelphia's deficiency over the last 6 weeks has been an inconsistent offense. They may break out and score 12+ runs one game and then struggle to plate 3 the next. If that gets worked out, which it should, the Phillies will be back in 1st.
That's about all for now. The Phillies are off today and start a 3 game set at Washington followed by another 3 game set in St. Louis. The Phillies should come away 4-2. Let's hope they do.

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