Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Henne Still Has a Chance to Start in Week 1

Dolphins rookie QB Chad Henne (7) hands off to fellow rookie Lex Hilliard during training camp (Miami Herald).

Despite the Dolphins first depth chart naming Josh McCown as the starter, Miami Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano has emphasized that it is still an open competition.
I don't make much of it right now. It's something that we had to produce and put out there, but that depth chart that you have in your hand won't be the same this [Monday] afternoon let alone [Tuesday].
McCown and and rookie Chad Henne have been the best of the group, with second year player John Beck in third. This first depth chart was organized by seniority so it goes McCown, Beck, Henne. Don't think it will stay that way long. The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington adds:
Most notably, it's becoming important to watch every repetition taken by Henne, who has been making a solid push in the past few days.

Asked when the last time he wasn't listed as the starter, the four-year starter from Michigan had a blank look on his face.

"The bottom of the depth chart? Not that I can remember."

And maybe, not for much longer.

As I have stated since Chad was drafted by Parcells and Co., he will challenge for the starting position from Day 1. He is a fast learner, has a cannon for an arm, is a good leader, and a great competitor. And he is right. He has always been the starter because he has always been the best. Why should anyone think that will change now?

UPDATE from Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

I think the trifecta is serious about starting henne.

He is spending a third straight practice running with the first team. Wow

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Pun said...

I agree with you all the way, Henne is the way to go. Beck is a good backup and practice squad player but he just missing the drive. Plus his Arm isn't the greatest. Totally Agree with you