Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Veterans Hoping for Henne?

Rookie Chad Henne (7) has reportedly played better than second year pro John beck (Miami Herald).

Yes, another post about Chad Henne. I'm just trying to hammer in how good he really is. Despite numerous Miami fans being in love with John Beck (I'm not really sure why, he hasn't done anything for us) and wanting him to start and succeed with the team, Chad is clearly the better option. He is 5 years younger than Beck and comes from a more sophisticated offense and played against stiffer competition (Michigan vs BYU). Beck reportedly threw over 7,000 passes in the offseason and spent a lot of time with new QBs coach David Lee. It hasn't shown during training camp. Josh McCown has been the steadiest of the 3 but has struggled more recently. All reports out of Davie, FL report that Henne has improved almost every day and that he most likely has already bypassed Beck. This has not been confirmed - and will not be for a few more weeks - by the coaching staff. However the writing is on the wall. Chad was picked by this regime; Beck is a holdover from the disastrous 2007 campaign. McCown is merely a seat warmer and a player the staff is willing to sacrifice until Chad is ready. Could that be week 1? I have been saying it will for some time now. But I am obviously biased. What do the Miami veterans believe?
...several veteran defensive players have expressed surprise with how much Chad Henne has injected himself into the race, outshining John Beck and challenging front-runner Josh McCown...

Defensive end Vonnie Holliday said Tuesday that before camp started, he would have been surprised if Henne ended up starting on opening day. And now? "I wouldn't be that surprised," he said. "I like the way the guy carries himself. He's not intimidated."

Henne has worked extensively with the first team for three consecutive practices and has exceeded expectations, safety Yeremiah Bell said. "He has a chance to win this job," Bell added. "You can't overlook that he's very impressive."

Those excerpts are from Barry Jackson's recent notes on Dolphins training camp (from the Miami Herald).

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