Thursday, August 28, 2008

College football is back!

Finally. Football season. The students are back in classes. Hope has infiltrated the 120 FBS teams (welcome, Western Kentucky). There are preseason favorites (Georgia, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma) and teams with a lot to prove (Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, Kansas). The season officially kicked off just a few hours ago with some low key games. A few bigger games begin in just a few minutes. Then the full slate kicks off on Saturday. While Penn State only plays FCS school Coastal Carolina, there are some matchups that are intriguing (Illinois vs Missouri, Alabam vs Clemson). Many of the bloggers on this site are football die hards and I'm sure some of them will have some insight on not only the Penn State season but on a wide range of college football topics. With the dawn of the season comes the first Sports Fountainhead Top 25. Check out the sidebar for our preseason rankings, which will be updated each week!

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