Thursday, August 7, 2008

Damn... Now I Have to Hear Even More About Favre!

I hate Brett Favre. I have expressed that many, many, many, many times on this site. But him being traded to the Jets sucks. Being a Dolphins fan I will now have to face this awful "role model" twice a year, not to mention the fact he will be the focus of everything in the AFC East. Damn you, Brett! Why couldn't you have just stayed retired?

Gene Wojciechowski is normally one of my favorite ESPN writers. But his coverage of the Favre saga has been abysmal. He is completely and utterly one-sided, and belongs in the corner with most of the media and John Madden. He kisses Favre's ass as if he has never done anything wrong. Don't believe me? Read this junk.

I could easily go on and on about how he is wrong. But I'll just steal the thoughts of others. The pictures below is a compilation of all the rebuttals to Gene's article. Combined they cover everything I think of this article, Gene, and the drama queen that is Brett Favre. Obviously you'll have to click it to read them.

I don't think this makes the Jets contenders, either. Could he get them to the playoffs? Sure. But I've been saying they were a Wild Card challenger to begin with. Some people think the addition of Favre makes them a slam dunk contender. Um, OK? No one knows this will or will not pay off. What if the Green Bay offense better suited Favre and brought out his best football qualities? What if all of the Jets other offseason acquisitions fail? Favre improves the QB position - for now. But he won't be playing for more than 2 years. And then the Jets will still have to find a QB and all of those expensive free agents they signed will be 2 years older. If the Jets hope to win they better do it this year.

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