Monday, August 25, 2008

Tim Graham Agrees with Dolphins Fans's AFC East blogger Tim Graham is currently conducting a 2 hour chat. During the session he has tackled many questions about each AFC East club. The one I want to point out is this:
Graham believes the Dolphins are capable of winning 6 or 7 games this season. As a reminder, that would be six or seven times as many as they won last year. Tim Graham is a supposed unbiased member of the media. However, it should be noted that Tim Graham is a former Miami Dolphins beat writer. Over at The Phinsider, the premiere Miami Dolphins blog, members (including me) have been stating since April that this team is capable of winning at least 5 games, probably 6, and could push for a .500 record. We have been laughed at plenty of times by fans of other teams, "experts", and internet hacks. The Dolphins are continually ranked as the 31st or 32nd team in the league. I hate NFL preseason rankings as much as I do ones for College Football. They are based more on what happened last season than what each team did in the offseason and during the draft. This of course is not going to stop me from posting my next round of predictions, which will vary quite a bit from versions 1 and 2. I have convinced myself to follow all 32 teams this offseason and believe my predictions are much more accurate because they are based on what has happened from February through August this year and not September through January of last year. Or I just feel like giving you my 2 cents :-P

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