Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stay Classy, L.A.

Philadelphia has been known as a horrid place for visiting teams and their fans for probably close to 30 years now. At times it seems justified. I have been verbally berated by Eagles fans when I went to games at the Vet against the Dolphins (twice), the Redskins, the Patriots, and the Panthers. Words don't bother me so much; I'm a big boy, I can handle it. The only problem is the oldest I ever was at an Eagles game was 12. You usually don't call anyone under the age of, oh I don't know, 16-18 an "asshole"or "prick" or say "fuck you". Classy.

For every jackass Philly fan you find, I'll show you 50 that are nothing like that. Philly fans are fashioned with a bad stereotype thanks to the media. They bring up the age-old story of fans booing Santa. How many of you actually know the truth behind that story? In reality, Philly fans are just so passionate and knowledgeable of their teams that they come off as overbearing and intense. Guilty. But that doesn't make us evil.

Los Angeles is kind the stark opposite of Philadelphia. It is Hollywood in all of its "glory". L.A. fans are more laid back and casual about their teams. They are never perceived as being some of the most beligerent and classless fans in the nation. Well maybe it is time that changed.

I'm not going to get into a full blown "he said, she said" post. I'll just direct you to the evidence. Philly blog The 700 Level and Phillies blog The Fightins chronicle the despicable acts of Dodger fans and the loathesome writing of L.A. Times writer T.J. Simers over the last 3 games.

From The 700 Level
Fan Report: Wearing Red in Dodger Stadium
Finally Some Distatse in the NLCS
In the Belly of the Early Departing Beast
Dodgers Gear Banned in L.A. Bar
Instead of 7th, Dodgers Fans Leaving Before the First Inning Tonight
Fan Report: At the NLCS Clincher

From The Fightins
TJ Simers: A Douchebag Until the Very End

If you don't feel like reading the article on Simers, I'll leave you this quote from his article in today's paper.
SEVERAL DODGERS fans e-mailed complaining about the fan experience in the stadium for Game 4.

"I am not sure I will take my son to another Dodger game any time soon," wrote Ken Gowey. "It makes me absolutely ashamed to be a Dodger fan."

I was afraid of this, knowing some folks born in Philly have probably moved here and become Dodgers fans over the years.

The thing is, you just can't take the Angryville out of them, which obviously explains all the problems in Dodger Stadium.
What!?!? Did he really just say the only way L.A. fans are being assholes is because they had to be originally from Philadelphia and are now Dodgers fans? Wow. Just wow. The Angryville remark is from his pre-NLCS column run in the Philadelphia newspapers.

Simers article ends with this gem.
TODAY'S LAST word comes from Norm Pangracs:

"After the fifth inning I called the number the Dodgers said to call if anyone is causing trouble during the game. I was surprised to get a recorded voice. I thought for sure a live person would answer. I left a message: 'There's a group from Philadelphia making me very uncomfortable. They're the Philadelphia Phillies.' "
Stay classy, Simers and the rest of L.A. While you are finding something else to write about (won't be football, now will it?) or getting yet another plastic surgery, we'll be living it up as the National League representatives in the World Series. Suck on that.

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