Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Summary

A review of this past weekend in sports and teams that matter to me.

  • I went to the Penn State game against Purdue on Saturday. The experience was nice. The visiting Penn State fans were treated with respect for the most part. A few obnoxious frat boys sitting near the parking garage yelled "WE ARE ... REALLY GAY!". I am pleased at the fact that he was attempting to make fun of Penn State and yet actually outted himself and his friends. It was 3 dudes sitting on the frat porch. I think the reason no one really bothered with us was A) because they knew we were better, B) because it isn't really a rivalry, and C) because this area seems to only care about basketball.
  • Penn State played a lousy game, despite winning 20-6. I am not buying the praise for the defense. They looked atrocious between the 20s. They couldn't stop Kory Sheets or Curtis Painter on 3rd or 4th and shorts. How do they expect to do so against P.J. Hill or Chris Wells? Josh Hull is still a weak link in the middle, despite having 11 tackles this week. The secondary was burned on a few key 3rd downs. I hate their soft zone coverage. They better be focused this week or Wisconsin will run them over.
  • The offense was no better. Daryll Clark continually overthrew receivers and never wanted to tuck and run. He needs to rely a bit more on his legs. The offense failed miserably inside the red zone and on 3rd and short. Those must be fixed.
  • The field at Ross-Ade Stadium was atrocious. Guys were slipping all over the place. There were at least 2 occasions that PSU should have scored a TD but the players slipped. Penn State had to settle for FGs instead.
  • After another Phillies playoff win on Thursday, they stank up the place Saturday. Jamie Moyer was ineffective and the offense was nonexistent. I still don't get the Victorino interference call. It had no effect on the advancing runner or Howard's run. Whatever.
  • Doesn't matter anyway because the Phillies woke up Sunday and trashed Milwaukee's hopes and dreams. A 6-2 win vaulted Philadelphia to the NLCS for the first time since 1993. They'll face the Dodgers starting on Thursday in Philadelphia. With Pat Burrell waking up in NLDS Game 4 let's hope Chase Utley and Ryan Howard do the same in NLCS Game 1. And that Cole Hamels outdules Derek Lowe, who the Phillies don't hit well.
  • The Miami Dolphins won for the 2nd time this season, doubling their win total from 2007. They sit at 2-2 and are most certainly in the AFC East race. I said they'd surprise some people this year. I predicted a 6-10 finish but they could make it to .500 or better. Parcells is a genius and Sparano and his staff are doing amazing. The Dolphins should be a force to reckon with starting next year. Damn it feels good. Miami has beaten the 2 teams that played in last years AFC Championship game in back-to-back games.
  • I am making the wrong decisions every week for my fantasy football team :-(

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