Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Can't Us?

Something is sweeping through Phillies Nation and it isn't the feeling of being up 1-0 in the World Series. No, it's a grammatically incorrect motto.

Exactly. Why can't us? This Philly phenomenon started the morning after the Phillies clinched the National league pennant for only the 6th time in their 126-year history. A caller from Delaware was on XM Radios' Baseball This Morning: Playoff Edition and voiced his excitement over the Phillies. During his comments he stated

Boston did it. The White Sox did it. Why can't us? Why can't us.
And English teachers everywhere cringe. However, this little quote has taken off in popularity, thanks in part to The 700 Level. They have planted the new 2008 Phillies slogan on all kinds of gear. Not only has it made an already crazed fan base more, um, well, interesting (I guess?), it is benefiting others as well. All proceeds from the "Why Can't Us?" stuff go to the ALS Association (Philadelphia Chapter). Many of you will note that this is the choice charity of The Fightins.

The "Why Can't Us?" quip has spread like wild fire. For instance, Dan Levy of The 700 Level got an email on Friday that ESPN's Scott Van Pelt said it on SportsCenter.

More "Why Can't Us?" at The 700 Level

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