Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Penn State to Start True Freshman at QB in 2010?

According to Craig Haubert and Billy Tucker of ESPNs Scouts, Incs. expect that to be the case. They believe it will be true freshman Robert Bolden - over sophomore Kevin Newsome and fellow true freshman Paul Jones - taking snaps under center come September.

7. Bold move in Happy Valley

A true freshman will be leading Penn State's offense before the 2010 season is over because Daryll Clark is gone and a new starter needs to emerge. Robert Bolden (Orchard Lake, Mich./Saint Mary's) will prove to be the best overall option over Kevin Newsome and fellow true freshman Paul Jones (Mckees Rocks, Pa./Sto-Rox).
If that happens it would show a huge operating change as Joe Paterno has historically favored upperclassmen at every position, not just QB. His philosophy has been you have to earn your chance to play. Of course in 2005 we saw the emergence of a young WR corp. Plus, the defensive coaches have never considered class standing a determining factor in playing time.

There had been murmurings that JoePa and the Nittany Lions would look at current WR Brett Brackett and backup QB Matt McGloin for the starting QB spot as well for 2010. So as it appears, this is a completely wide open QB race with 5 players. Who will really be considered for the spot? My money would still be on Newsome since he has a year in the system and some, albeit limited, experience in Saturday's. However, Bolden may be may #2. And since it is only February - and he is enrolled early - maybe Bolden may start as a true freshman? That'd be something. Whoever it is better be ready for Saturday, September 11th.

EDIT: Thanks to a commenter for correcting my "early enrollment" mistake. It was Paul Jones, not Bolden, who is already on Campus. I think this makes Bolden's chances even slimmer now.

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