Friday, May 15, 2009

Phillies Visit the White House

Jimmy Rollins and Charlie Manuel give President Obama his own World Series Champions jersey that the team wore Opening Night, complete with gold trim, the World Series Champions patch, "Obama", and the #44 (screen grab by me from the MLB.TV live stream).

The 2008 World Series Champions visited the White House and President Barack Obama this afternoon to be congratulated by the 44th President for their championship run last season. They had originally been scheduled to visit President Obama on April 14th but that trip was postponed due to the sudden death of long time Phillies announcing legend Harry Kalas.

President Obama stand front and center with Philadelphia Phillies players and coaches. The Commissioner's Trophy is off to the right. The team visited the White House on Friday, May 15, 2009 (screen grab by me from the MLB.TV live stream).

The ceremony was short and sweet, consisting of a speech by the President, the gift giving (the jersey and some baseballs), and then the team picture. After Jimmy Rollins - a big Obama supporter - presented the President with the jersey and baseball, Mr. Obama wanted more.
Can I get your ring, too?
-- President Barack Obama to Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins
That's paraphrased as I don't remember exactly what was said but you get the idea. The President also had a warm embrace with Phillies broadcaster Sarge Matthews who is also a huge Obama supporter.

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