Monday, May 11, 2009

POLLS: Patriots Favored for XLIV Title

RECAP: So the readers have spoken. With all the changes during the offseason, and with new draft choices now in the fold, the readers believe that the New England Patriots - the juggernauts of the 2007 season - will reign supreme in February 2010. New England received four votes. The two Pennsylvania teams - the Eagles and Steelers - finished tied for second and each garnered three votes. The New York "Football" Giants got one vote to finish fourth out of the listed teams. One visitor did believe that the Super Bowl XLIV winner did not appear among the list of choices.

NEW: It's the offseason, for real this time, for football - both professional and collegiate. However, the NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing and the baseball season is just over a month old. So here's the question... does the late spring and summer periods do enough for you, sports-wise, to be content. Or do you love football so much that you just count down the days until that season opener? Vote on the right side now!

Poll ends Monday, May 18th.

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