Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wait, what?

Resident Big Ten blogger for ESPN, Adam Rittenberg, has a story up clarifying the marijuana incident that happened the night of the Blue-White game but was made public earlier this week. It all turned out to be nothing and was completely blown out of proportion by blogs and news papers. The Penn State players that occupy the apartment - RB Stephfon Green, DT Devon Still, OG Johnnie Troutman, and DE Eric Latimore - were not home at the time of the police search and subsequent finding of drugs and paraphernalia.

Now, I've tried to stop reading comments on Internet websites. The retards that occasionally, OK, often post on blogs and web pages are just plain awful. They're delightfully refereed to as "trolls". I'd like for all you trolls out there to welcome a new member, "ICEMAN4342" on! Give him a hand everybody.

Now at the bottom of this article saying that the Penn State players have been cleared in the investigation, "ICEMAN4342" says this:

Thanks for all the laughs bigten, penn st. needs to so badly fire Paterno and get out of the bigten conference that cannot stop humiliating itself. Every day a bigten player is arrested for something. It's a disgrace to even let them have a football team.
Wait, what? An article clarifying that the Penn State players had nothing to do with the legal problems stemming from the incident over Blue-White weekend (other then it being at their apartment while they weren't there) humiliates JoePa? How? In what way? And this somehow - even though it ended up not involving any football players - disgraces the conference and we shouldn't have a football team? Again, what?

Now many of these ESPN posters don't activate their profile. Thankfully (?), "ICEMAN4342" did. Guess who he is a fan of? No, it isn't Ohio State, Michigan, or Pitt. Ready? Boise State. BOISE STATE. Oh, and Utah. Don't get me started on the liking two teams thing. But, really, you want to rip on a conference and your a fan of Boise State? I don't care how good they (or Utah) have been recently. The WAC is in no way on par, or better than, the Big Ten. The Mountain West Conference, while better than the WAC, isn't even better despite last year's result. One year does not make a conference dominant people. Even if the SEC and Big XII are considered tops, the Big Ten and Pac-10 are fighting for third, in front of the ACC and Big East. At least recently.

Do us a favor "ICEMAN4342": stick to articles about Boise State. Or Utah. Or even soccer, if you're such a huge fan of it. Stay away from the Big Ten and Penn State in particular. Thanks.

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