Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Late to the Party, Don

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks has a piece today about Brett Favre and his flirtation with unretiring for the second straight offseason.

It's beyond tiresome by now. Let's face it, it's sad and kind of pathetic that we're once again being sucked into another Brett Favre watch. What are we up to now, four, five summers in a row with the same basic storyline: Will he play or won't he? The indecision of the man has become as legendary as his football feats, and infinitely less entertaining.


Sorry, but no one will ever convince me it's not all about ego at this point with Favre. The need for adulation and adoration -- he doesn't know how to live without either.
Thanks, Don. I like when people agree with me. Of course I started my hate for Favre circa 2006. But it is only documented on this site since early 2008.

I urge you to read his entire article. He basically sums up everything I've been saying over the last 18 months. Except Banks is famous and published for a widely circulated periodical. Not the case here.

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