Thursday, November 1, 2007

Asshole is a Pitt student

You've all seen the YouTube video by now. I had a suspicion that the greasy haired kid who fired the beer at point blank range was not a Penn State student, because 1) he wasn't wearing white, and all PSU students knew to wear white that day, and 2) the cameraman was commenting about how he was from Pittsburgh. I held my tongue though, as I didn't want to express blind patriotism for my school. Well, the Centre Daily Times today confirmed my suspicions.

The asshole is a student at the University of....PITTSBURGH.

First thought: Does this chap have no sense of history? He should be throwing the beer cans at everyone around him, or everyone around him should be throwing beer cans at him! Before we joined the Big Ten, Pitt was equally as evil as Ohio State and Michigan rolled into one. Now, since we haven't played them in many years, and they're becoming increasingly irrelevant with every second they have Dave Wannstedt as their head coach, they are kind of in the same realm as Temple, in-state but no one perceives them as a threat, so we don't hate. I've gotten several people who have asked me why I'm not a Pitt fan, since I'm from Pittsburgh. Grr...let's move on.

Second thought: This confirms my belief that this is just an incident of stupid drunk people doing stupid things, rather than Penn State students doing stupid things. I was tailgating before the game, and was at the game, and I saw no incidents of ill will between the different teams' fans. This was an isolated incident caused by stupid drunk people at fraternities. Guess what folks? Every day, on all college campuses, people get drunk and do stupid things at fraternities. That's kind of why fraternities exist, right? To lessen the stereotype I just made, drunk people who AREN'T at fraternities do stupid stuff every day on college campuses. While it was the point blank strike by the Pitt fan that put this video over the top, worse shit has happened between fans of rival teams. This summer, an Oklahoma Sooners fan ripped off the scrotum of a Texas Longhorns fan at a bar. In Europe, there are several soccer riots every year where PEOPLE DIE. Not trying to defend what happened, but seriously people, chill out. The Buckeye fans got the last laugh on Saturday.

P.S. Brothers of Pi Kappa're not cool. Pitt fan who wanted to fit're not cool either. Just wanted to clarify.

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