Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pat Forde is an Imbecile

Yet again, Pat Forde shows us why he has little if any credibility to be a college football writer.

After Michigan's loss to Wisconsin yesterday, Forde wasted no time rejoining the "Michigan was always overrated" camp. Admittedly, being a die hard Wolverine fan, I am biased myself but I can at least respect criticism when it's warranted (i.e. after our embarrassing loss to Oregon). What does Forde use to establish his claim? Yes, our defense played poorly, allowing Wisconsin to put up 477 yards of offense. However, down only 2 points in the 4th quarter, Michigan was still in a great position to win the game...blame Ryan Mallett's rash decision to throw into triple coverage and pay the price with a pick.

Forde goes as far as saying that Michigan has "no business playing for a Big Ten title against Ohio State". Are you effing kidding me? We have ONE loss in the B10 that came on the road at one of the toughest environments to play in and we didn't have our best two offensive players! Up to this point, what makes Ohio State (or any other Big Ten team) any worthier to win the Big Ten? (Let me remind you that Ohio State lost at home to an Illinois team that Michigan defeated on the road.)

Yes, Michigan is not a NC contender and maybe not even a top 10 team this year given its young defense and injury plagued offense. Yesterday's loss was disappointing but that shouldn't take anything away from the 8 wins we had going into that game. In a season that has been the least bit kind to the powerhouse programs, Michigan has managed to stay in there and still be in a position to compete for a BCS bowl.

Maybe Forde should just stick with covering horse racing where absurd and ridiculous statements won't reflect as poorly on a sports writer.

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E said...

Agreed...OSU's loss was a lot worse than yours. No reason for UM not to be considered tops in the Big Ten right now.

Illinois lost to Iowa this year. 'nuff said about them.

Wisconsin lost to us 38-7...We lost to Illinois, UM, OSU (the top 3 Big Ten teams)

who is he trying to say is the best team in the B10? Northwestern?