Wednesday, November 14, 2007


While many reports are only now surfacing that A-Rod has reached out to the Yankees about returning, apparently it is old hat for some people. According to my dad, John Sterling (the radio voice of the Yankees who was being interviewed on NY Sports Radio) says that he has known for 2 days now (via an anonymous source) that A-Rod has talked to the Steinbrenners. Apparently, that anonymous source told Sterling today that staying was basically a done deal. A-Rod reaching out to the Yankees without Boras involved meant a lot to the Steinbrenners (and it means a lot to me as a fan too). That might have been all it took...that and the fact LAA was the only team slightly interested in signing him.

Either way, A-Rod would be wise to stay. He can break Bonds' record in pinstripes (can't wait for that day) and he can be the face of the new stadium, along with Jeter, when it opens in 2009. Not only that, but he's a lock to be considered a Yankee legend for years to come.

Let's just hope Boras doesn't stick his head in the middle of this again.

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