Monday, November 19, 2007

We Did Beat Michigan State... giving blood. From the Penn State Faculty/Staff (UP) Newswire:

Penn State came from behind to beat Michigan State 2,170 to 1,935 in the 14th Annual Penn State-Michigan State Blood Donor Challenge.The winning school was announced on the field before the game Saturday, Nov. 24, at Michigan State. This is the second year that Penn State dominated the match. The challenge is a friendly rivalry aimed at increasing blood inventories before the winter holidays. "What an outstanding finish," said Wendi Keeler, American Red Cross field representative for Penn State. "Penn State not only came from behind to beat MSU by 235 units of blood, we beat our own goal by 170 units by breaking the 2,000 unit mark." Keeler expressed her appreciation to the 2,500-plus donors and all of the event's sponsors.
WE ARE PENN STATE. In all seriousness, great job. It's wonderful to see these 2 schools giving blood in a useful capacity. Penn State has now won 2 years in a row. This was the 14th year of competition. I couldn't find results from years 1-12. I think it's pretty even. If I recall a plaque in the HUB, PSU dominated early then MSU caught up and now PSU is back. But I could be completely wrong.

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