Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read

Read this article.

I didn't think it was possible for me to hate a team/fan base more than the Yankees...and baseball isn't even my favorite sport! I now hate anything and everything that emanates out of Boston/New England. While it is the Red Sox fans and everything about the Patriots (fans, players, coaches, organization) that I HATE the most, I will never route for the Celtics or Bruins either. The amount of arrogance and "we're the center of the world" mentality is unbearable now. Just read this article by "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons. He is an idiot. As is the rest of the Patriots fan base. Here are few quotes to whet your appetite:

In a 24-hour span last weekend, I watched "Victory" on cable and the Patriots-Colts battle on CBS. The two events had more in common than you might think.
Yep that's Bill Simmons comparing the Colts-Patriots showdown to a fictional movie about prisoners of war playing against a German soccer team during the German's occupation of France during WWII. The POWs plan to escape during halftime of the game. If the comparison of something revolving around WWII and the Nazi's to a FOOTBALL game doesn't piss you off, what will? Seriously "Sports Guy"? What is your problem? On to another quote from Bill...
Was everything that "happened" (for lack of a better word) in Indy just a one-time deal? Was it just an elaborate coincidence the Patriots couldn't buy a single break for the entire game? Was the NFL unveiling a new way of evening the score against New England because a $500,000 fine and the loss of a No. 1 pick weren't enough? Did the league decide no NFL team could conventionally stop the Pats, so they'll have to play against opponents AND referees for the rest of the season?
Here's that New England vs The World mentality that I love so much. You were caught cheating and everyone else is at fault for hating you? Wanting you to lose?
But if you're a fan of the Patriots, you've never felt as passionately about them as you do right now. The same "us against them" mentality that galvanized the coaches and players ended up galvanizing the fans as well. You should see some of the texts and e-mails I received from friends during Sunday's game -- genuine anger and incoherence from some of the most rational people I know -- or the remains of my living room remote control, which didn't survive a 95-mph throw across the room after the no-call on Faulk. Like everyone else who loves the Patriots, this season has become so personal that it's difficult to adequately describe. It's almost like watching a family member get raked through the coals...
Yep that's exactly what it is like, Bill. I bet the team really gives a shit about you. What have they ever done for you personally? I doubt most Patriots fan have coherence or are rational if they believe the propaganda and ridiculous swill you're spewing right now.
Upon my return home, I e-mailed a few Patriot friends to remind them that the 2-6 Niners had lost again and we were looking at a top-five pick. Just for kicks, I included Mel Kiper's top 10 prospects to whet everyone's collective appetite.

After a few minutes, one of them happily e-mailed back, "I love it, [bleep] everybody!"

For better or worse, that's our mantra for the 2007 season. After the legitimacy of the three Super Bowl titles was questioned, there was only one response: 19-0. The players keep saying they're taking it one game at a time; I say they're full of crap. They want to join the '72 Dolphins and destroy everyone along the way. Why? Because bleep everybody, that's why. After Welker clinched the Colts game with a crucial first-down catch, he defiantly hopped up and screamed at the poor cornerback covering him, "YOU F------ SUCK!" Unquestionably, it was the defining play of the season -- not just that the Patriots converted the exact same situation that killed them last January (when they could have clinched a Super Bowl trip with one more completion on third-and-short), but that Welker displayed such arrogant disdain after finishing the Colts off.

Normally, I hate crap like that. Not this time.

Once you enter "bleep-everybody" mode, it becomes a state of mind. You can't shake it.
Do I really need to say anything? You honestly support a player saying "You fucking suck!"? Or "I love it, fuck everybody!"? Wow. Classless and sad.
The players have always handled themselves with class, on and off the field. When everyone wanted them punished after CameraGate, they took their penalty without a whimper.
Yeah. The Patriots players are "classy". They didn't say anything. And you're right. They didn't. Wow. Good for them. Their coach gets caught cheating and they don't stand up for the sanctity of the game or for fair play, the exact basis for your entirely off-base article. I applaud them for being mute and sticking by a cheater. I really do.
If the undefeated season doesn't happen for the Patriots, let's hope it's because they were outplayed and not because of something more sinister. And let's hope this is the final time an NFL game gets compared to a soccer movie starring Sly Stallone and a bunch of Nazis ... and the comparison isn't a stretch.
Shut up, Bill. Just shut up. Remember, you're the idiot the brought up this comparison.


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I don't understand why players say 'you fuckin suck' when they own somebody on a play...doesn't saying that make welker seem like less of a good player because he made a play on who he considers a bad player? haha

either way, to hell with boston...why do they have the me against the world mentality? because they're the champions at basically everything right now...of course they're everyone's target...they need to get over it