Friday, November 30, 2007

JoePa's Salary Release = Overrated

When it comes right down to it, the fact that Joe Paterno's base salary of $512,664 was released means nothing. These coaches typically make the majority of their money through various endorsements and incentives. For example, according to The Daily Collegian, Jim Tressel makes a base salary of $386,000. However, with additional compensation, he makes millions. Bobby Bowden makes a base salary of $165,000 but can also make much more based on FSU's accomplishments.

The fact of the matter is, we don't know how much Paterno makes for TV appearances, performance incentives, and other various deals. Penn State has already declared they will not reveal that total. Odds are, JoePa probably makes millions, just as other coaches do. The $512,664 that he receives is simply for being the coach of the Penn State football team. In all honesty, I believe that might be a little too much. I feel like Paterno should be paying Penn State because he gets free sideline passes to every game and free transportation to road games. Ok, that might be a little harsh but I really want to know what Paterno does for the football team (outside of being a figurehead) before I make a sound judgment on what he should be paid. Bradley runs the defense, and Hall (regrettably) runs the offense. JoePa only seems to bark at guys when they're sucking and refuse to open up the that's it.

Anyways, he gives a lot of his income back to the school (it has totaled millions) so it almost becomes a moot point. Either way, he still is in the upper tier for income amongst college coaches and probably should be based on his successes and track record.

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