Sunday, June 1, 2008

Calling out all Pens fans (@Mellon Arena)

Ok...I want to start out and establish that I am rooting for the Pens in the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm am rooting for them despite the fact that I get regularly ridiculed by Pens fans upon my disclosure that I'm a Devils fan. That being said I was appalled when all (or at least 98%) of the Pens fans at Mellon Arena were just sitting on their asses with their mouths shut during the last few minutes of Game 4. I'm sitting there watching the game just stunned that the Pens fans are silenced by a 1 goal deficit. You know, they don't call it home field (or arena) advantage for nothing. It's not like the Pens were down by 4 goals or anything. It was only 1 goal!!! When your team is down by a goal, and this could be the last home game of your season, you get on your feet and cheer to the very end. While I might be an aberration (I've seen my teams play for 10 titles...6 for the Yankees, 4 for the Devils), you just don't take these title chances for granted. You cheer hard to the bloody end, regardless of what may happen. I'm not gonna lie...I thought Pens fans were some of the best in hockey but when you sat there lifeless during the last few minutes of the game, you took the life out of the Pens. I'm not saying that cheering=a goal, but you need to offer all the support you have. That's an amazing hockey team you have out there on the ice and you should be cheering from the first faceoff to the final buzzer.

Shame on you, Pittsburgh.

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