Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Always Sunny in Indianapolis

Working as a Data Specialist for the Indiana State Climate Office on the Purdue University campus doesn't usually relate to the wide world of sports. Until today. Front office and stadium crew/staff called the office today to inquire about varying degrees of sun data. While not the type of climatology most people relate to weather (the normal being precipitation and temperature), limited sun data (rise/set times, radiation, etc.) is available. See the Colts are opening a new stadium this fall, Lucas Oil Stadium (or "The Luke"), and it has a retractable roof. Weather elements had no impact on Peyton Manning and Co. at the RCA Dome. However, the Colts staff anticipates leaving the roof open whenever the weather allows. But that brings in an element of wind and sun. The Colts would like my office to provide them with data to determine if they should leave the roof open even if there is no rain in the forecast. Sports and weather: they go hand-in-hand.

P.S. - The Colts also let us know that they love our hourly database and use it all the time. I may have disable that so they call the office more often...

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