Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tiger Should Be Praised, but from the Right Perspective

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes and golfers of all time. No doubt about it. He has ruled the golfing world for 10+ years. He is absolutely amazing. But some of the ridiculous things I'm reading in story comments and message boards is utter crap. Take this for example:

That comment is from some idiot after reading this article previewing the San Diego Chargers before training camp opens in July. Bill Williamson's big point was how Philip Rivers isn't the Chargers greatest player but he is their leader, as demonstrated by his guts in playing through a torn ACL during San Diego's AFC Championship Game loss to New England. And yet this fool of a sports fan believes Tiger Woods showed more guts by playing through his injury than Philip Rivers? What?

Tiger absolutely was in pain; you could see it. Playing with a torn ligament and a double stress fracture isn't going to be easy. But he was swinging a golf club people, not running away from a blitzing linebacker, being sacked, or being sandwich by 300 pound lineman. You have to look at this from the right perspective. You absolutely use your legs and knees for swinging a golf club but that swinging motion is nothing compared to rolling out in the pocket or taking a hit. Tiger is absolutely a beast and should receive praise. But saying he showed more guts than another athlete with a severe injury is ridiculous. Use some common sense people. Why can't they each be lauded for their toughness and refusal to quit???

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