Monday, June 23, 2008

The Sad Story of Don Imus

When somebody screws up, you hope that he or she learns from the mistake(s) made. When somebody screws up and upsets a lot of people, you really hope that knowledge is gained from the mistake(s) made. Too bad radio host Don Imus is not one of those people.

Earlier today, his racist language reared its ugly head again when the subject of Adam (aka Pacman) Jones came up. When Imus' sports guy, Warner Wolf was talking about his past troubles, the following exchange took place:

Imus: "What color is he?"
Wolf: "...he's African American."
Imus: "Well there you go. Now we know."

Are you serious? After he called the Rutgers' women's basketball (a team that I root for and enjoy following) "nappy-headed hos," you would think that he would stray as far away from racist insinuations like they were the plague. I guess it's once a racist, always a racist in Imus' case. The disturbing thing was he wasn't even saying it like it was funny or supposed to be a joke. To hear for yourself, click here. I'm gonna be real here, people joke around about this stuff all the time. Is it right? Absolutely not. However, the inflection of his voice was quite telling. The initial hesitant reaction and then desperate attempt to try and pretend he didn't hear the comment by Warner Wolf was quite telling as well.

It's just terribly sad because you know he's not entirely a terrible guy. Every year, he invites children affected by pediatric cancer to his ranch and raises money for them. That's something that myself and the other bloggers can certainly relate too through our involvement with the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON). You hate to see somebody that obviously has a soft spot for such things go down like this but it's the way it has gotta be. He must be fired, and he must stay off the air for good. I don't know many radio stations that would want to take a chance somebody like him and for good reason. He's a racist. Plain and simple. And he doesn't deserve to be on the air, period.

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