Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've Always Liked You Lee Roy Selmon

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In today's issue of Sporting News Today, four football legends were asked their opinion on a few offseason questions and to predict a few things for the 2009 season. Two of those questions were "What are your very early picks for Super Bowl 44?" and "Do you have a dark horse candidate (a la the Cardinals) for Super Bowl 44?". Miami was actually mentioned twice, once in each question. Lee Roy Selmon - the former #1 pick of the Buccaneers and a Pro and College Football Hall of Fame member - chose Miami as his AFC representative in Super Bowl 44... to be played in Miami! Former coach Dan Reeves selected the Dolphins as his Super Bowl 44 "dark horse".

I have my doubts about Miami's season in 2009, especially because they have the hardest schedule in the league. But it is very nice to see the franchise getting some respect, barely a year after being completely humiliated by their 1-15 mark (thank you, 2008 Detroit Lions, for making that a moot point now).

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