Saturday, February 21, 2009

Accountability: Revisiting My 2008 NFL Predictions

Throughout the NFL offseason I submitted my predictions for how the 2008 NFL season would shake out. Now here I am, with the 2008 NFL season almost a month over, back to take a look at how wrong I was.

As expected, there were some hits and misses. You can look at my first and second version of the predictions but I'll be comparing them with my last predicted standings, submitted at the end of August. Let's get to it.

Click the above image for my prediction comparisons.

OK so I guess I'll start with the good. I nailed Buffalo (7-9), Oakland (5-11), Minnesota (10-6), and Tampa Bay (9-7). I was a mere Eagles win over Cincinnati away from hitting both of those teams, though I was off by 1/2 for both of them because of the tie. Did you know that could happen in the NFL? Anyway, I was also off by only one game with the Colts, Texans, Patriots, Jets, Broncos, Chiefs, Redskins, and Cardinals. I said the Eagles and Colts would be wild card teams, which they were, and had the Vikings, Steelers, and Chargers winning their divisions.

Unfortunately there's more. It's all bad too. Neither of my predicted teams made the Super Bowl. Actually, neither even made the playoffs. Yuck. I also predicted the final record of 11 teams incorrect by five or more wins! That's uuuugggggllllllyyyyyy!!!! I have no alibi.

Think I did bad? Well I wasn't alone. Check out Gregg Easterbrook's Bad Predictions Review at ESPNs Page 2.

I hope to do a bit better next year.

Not likely.

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