Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really? You're former NFL scouts?

Click to see a crappy mock draft.

I know I'm not a professional. And I have no scouting experience at any level. Well, in person experience. Anyone can watch videos on YouTube. But anyway, yeah, this mock draft by Russ Lande and former NFL scouts absolutely blows.

I'm not going to get onto my QB rant. I pretty much covered that - and every positions success in the Top 5 - before. While I don't agree that the Lions are dumb enough to take Matthew Stafford at #1, it is a possibility. As is Mark Sanchez going at pick 10. Feasible but would not be good for that franchise either. Some of the other picks have me saying "they took him when?".

First up is Everette Brown. The dynamic pass rusher from Florida State is a hybrid DE/OLB. He is currently seen as (before the combine and pro day workouts) a Top 15 pick that could sneak as high as 5. But 3? I don't know about that. Brown is an underclassmen and may need another year or two to add more strength. The Chiefs need impact players that can play immediately. I don't think Brown is that guy. Yes they need someone to replace Jason Allen but an OT is a better pick. Aaron Curry would be too.

Next is Chris Wells. Wells at 5? He has durability issues, much like current Brown Jamal Lewis. RBs make the easiest transition to the NFL so why waste a 1st round pick on a guy that could be available in the middle of the 1st or someone with comparable talent in the 2nd? Kevin Smith and Matt Forte were solid last season. The Browns would be foolish passing on a LB at 5. Wells is a luxury they don't need now. Don't see this happening.

Some may think Crabtree falling to 8 is nuts, it is possible. Crabtree won't run the 40 at the combine and that is always a huge negative... even if the player does so at his pro da workout. Crabtree could fall to 10.

Now Aaron Curry falling to 11 is crazy. Curry is viewed by many to be the most polished and NFL-ready player in the entire draft. He could make an immediate impact like Patrick Willis in '07. Curry drops to 11, the same place as Willis? I don't think so. Teams won't pass on a player like him again. Curry shouldn't drop out of the Top 5.

Larry English as high as 13? What? English is a fringe 1st-2nd rounder... at best right now. 13? No way. The Redskins aren't that desperate for a pass rusher. I know they don't have a second rounder but there will be plenty of DEs available in rounds 3 and 4. Reaching for English here would be ridiculous, especially if Brian Orakpo or Aaron Maybin are still available.

Malcolm Jenkins all the way down at 14? He was a Top 10 talent last year. He's probably Top 5 this year. He won't drop past #9.

I know Kenny Britt has been rising of late but 18? WRs are always undervalued by NFL organizations. Why would Britt be any different. He is a great pick in round 2 and could sneak into the bottom of round 1. 18 is too high though.

Fili Moala in round 1? Negative. Moala isn't a second rounder, according to some draft sites. I don't see him raising his stock enough to tempt teams in round one. Two, sure. Not one.

And here is the big reason why I call bullshit on Lande and Co. The Dolphins taking Jeremy Maclin? The 6-1, 200 WR from Missouri is not seen as a feature guy. He has speed but is a little small. He wouldn't compliment Ginn, Bess, and Camarillo well. The Dolphins need a guy like Britt or Hakeem Nicks. Not Maclin. Chance of this happening is 0.01%. You can do better Lande.

Maybe this is what they think will happen in April based on what they think will happen at the combine and pro day workouts. OK. Fine. But common sense tells you to go with what you have available. That's the 2008 season and bowl games plus senior and all star games. We don't have everyone's measurable or times. Why pretend we do and forecast these guys places that aren't possible at this moment. Maybe Lande and Co. will come out on top after the next 6 weeks of endless workouts. Or maybe they'll crash and burn.

My money is on the latter.

NOTE: My second mock draft - and first since September - will be out tomorrow by Friday afternoon. Then you can criticize me!

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