Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Monthly Schedule: February

In order to get myself to post more than twice a week I have decided to create a set schedule. With a set schedule I believe I can manage to make at least one post per day about sports. The schedule highlights the daily feature and each day, Monday through Sunday, has something to offer. I'm starting this right away and already kicked off the weekly installment of Around the Interwebs. Descriptions of each feature can be found below.

Mondays - Nittany Lions in the Pros: I have already done three of these but will do the remaining six each Monday through March. The first three were defensive backs, defensive ends, and fullbacks. Next up are kickers.

Tuesdays - MLB Update: This baseball update will focus on teams most important to the contributors and site readers, generally the Phillies, Pirates, Yankees, and Mets. If someone wants me to cover another team just leave a comment for me.

Wednesdays - Around the Interwebs: This is a Penn State football roundup for the past week, gathering posts and news from blogs and broadcast media. If you'd like to send a tip on a specific post or news item, leave a comment or send an email to:

Thursdays - NFL Update: Pretty much the same as the baseball post, general news and information on specific teams. For football they will be the Dolphins, Steelers, Jets, Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys. Again, if you want me to look at someone else (like the Ravens or Redskins) leave a comment.

Fridays - Mock Draft Update: Obviously this one will be changing come May but for the next 2.5 months I hope to update my personal mock draft, highlight others from "experts" and bloggers, plus post about player draft stocks. This will be spread out over multiple posts.

Saturdays - Penn State Update: Football is at the front of our minds here at Sports Fountainhead, however we respect all of the sports Penn State has to offer. While this post will include football news the focus will be how other Nittany Lion athletes performed the last week.

Sundays - NCAA Football Update: College football is big business. I'm going to (try) to add to it. This will be much like the baseball and pro football updates and, most likely, be FBS and Big Ten laden. I have my biases, sue me.

Well that's that. I hope this works out. At the beginning of each month I'll update the schedule and outline the daily features. Through at least April I doubt many of these features will change. Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming items!

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