Monday, June 15, 2009

Already Questioning the Madden 10 Player Ratings

Pasta Padre has linked to an MS Excel file that contains all of Madden 10's player ratings. Now, EA has tweaked how players are rated hoping to create less superstars. But after looking over some of the ratings I am a bit baffled.

Chad Henne is a 66. A 66! I know he's thrown only 12 passes in the NFL, but a 66? Especially if rookie Pat White gets a 65! WTF. How is Pat White only 1 rating point worse than Chad Henne, who has all but been given the keys for the 2010 Dolphins?

Donald Thomas is a 67. Now, I know he's played only one game and can't stay healthy but, if he was a starter AS A ROOKIE in 2008, why is he rated worse than reserves Andy Alleman (73) and Brandon Frye (70)?

Randy Starks is listed as an OL according to Pasta Padre. Could be a mistake on his part. Or EA is just that stupid. Starks is a DE in Miami's 3-4 though he does fill in at NT from time to time.

Jason Taylor, who's a DE in a 4-3 scheme, is listed at DE for Miami despite them instituting a 3-4 for most of the last four seasons. He's also only a 79. I wonder how much that will drop when he's changed to an OLB?

Rookie CB Vontae Davis is a 77. OK, that's fine. But starter Will Allen is a 75. The same Will Allen who has routinely been underrated by some "experts" and fans and has been a starter for his entire career with the Giants or Dolphins. Fellow rookie CB Sean Smith gets the same rating as Allen. Again, nor problems with Davis or Smith but come one EA! Allen as a 75?

The specialists get a slap in the face, too. Second year kicker Dan Carpenter, who hit 84% of his field goals and made everything from inside 40 yards is only a 63. Punter Brandon Fields is a 60.

For the rest of the Dolphins ratings, or any player in the NFL, check out Pasta Padre's file here.

UPDATE: OK so now Pasta Padre's site says that EA has requested he take the file down. So no more ratings for any of you. I still have the file though. Email me if you'd like it.

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